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Lagos 62880
Accra 69440
Cape Town 22400
Johannesburg 33440
Harare 67360
Cairo 32320
Algiers 27360
Tunis 27360
Entebbe 41760
Dar es Salam 31840



Moscow 63840
Beijing 59360
Tokyo 55520
Istanbul 30880
Baku 16640
Tashkent 56000
Almaty 72000
Shanghai 61760
Tehran 25440
Saint Petersburg 28800



Sydney 49280
Melbourne 50400
Brisbane 49120
Auckland 62560
Perth 37600
Adelaide 49280
Christchurch 72000
Gold Coast 62240
Wellington 73440
Cairns 62240



Amsterdam 24800
Athens 27360
Frankfurt 23840
Lisbon 31840
London 23200
Madrid 21600
Milan 22240
Berlin 20000
Paris 20640
Rome 19200


Middle East

Dubai 20640
Abu Dhabi 19360
Muscat 26560
Amman 25440
Jeddah 19360
Riyadh 16640
Kuwait 22240
Doha 24000
Sanaa 43200
Damascus 49120


Far East

Kuala Lumpur 36640
Bangkok 32000
Singapore 52320
Ho Chi Minh 56800
Jakarta 39520
Bali 58880
Colombo 47840
Male 43200
Phenom Penh 46560
Manila 57600



Antigua 72800
Montego Bay 73600
St. Marten 74400
Panama City 111840
Aruba 80000
Port of Spain 79840
Bridgetown 75200
Kingston 76000
Grand Cayman 73600
San Juan 79840


North America

New York 55520
Dallas Fort Worth 79840
Vancouver 95840
Boston 94400
Chicago 91200
San Francisco 55840
Las Angeles 56000
Los Vegas 72800
Washington DC 93600
Toronto 92800


South America

Mexico City 95840
Sao Paulo 83520
Bogota 95840
Lima 94240
Cancun 94080
Santiago (Chile) 95840
Brasilia 87840
Rio de Janeiro 92000
Buenos Aires 92640
Salvador 90400

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  • Usually people only get travel packages from people they know through someone. In my case, after randomly searching for turkey tours on internet, I opted to acquire the services of The Travel Globe.
    I must say their customer service has exceeded my expectations. The staff is friendly, helpful and extremely well-organised. From application of visa to my return flight, Mr Ali was directly in contact at all times to update me with the travel details.
    The biggest plus point is, “They delivered what they promised, with reasonable rates.”

    Ahsan Mushtaq
    Ahsan Mushtaq
  • i would like to say a massive thank you to Mr.Ali and Miss Hania who went above and beyond to help me. it is extremely gratifying to discover at long last an agency that truly understand the meaning of services.thank you again miss Hania and Mr Ali for your help in stressful circumstances.
    i totally recommend “travel globe” an agency.

    Nadia Nurgus
    Nadia Nurgus
  • Highly recommended company for travelling abroad.Mr Ali is a thoro gentlemen and highly professional.iam highly impressed with their way of dealing .I must recommend to use their services and deal with Travel Globe
    Thanks Ali Bhai

    Agha Imam
    Agha Imam
  • Always Best Choice, So Pleased with the Service.Excellent Highly Recemendeble,Staff is Polite, over All Great place to Visit..! Please Consider it on Your first Priority right on the Money 💰..!

    Asif Khan
    Asif Khan