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United Kingdom Visa

United Kingdom Visa

United Kingdom Visa from Pakistan – Visa Requirements

The Travel Globe provides an excellent guide to get you United Kingdom Visa. Our team of professionals make sure & do their best to maximise your United Kingdom Visa chances.

Required Documents

Please note below required documents for United Kingdom Visa.

Visa Form:

  1. Visa Application Form dully filled & singed by the Applicant. (Filled Online)

  2. Note: for minors, application form and other required documents signed by parents along with the thumb impression of minor as appearing on passport.


  1. Original Passport & all previous passports (if any)

  2. Passport should be 6 months valid after completion of trip & must have 2 blank pages.


  1. Three recent photographs not older than 6 months with white background & without borders, size should be 35 x 45 mm, but picture will be taken at the time of Biomatric.

Other Required Documents:

Financial Documents:

for Salaried:

  1. Last 6 months Original Bank Statements with minimum closing balance of 1,000,000 to 1,500,000.

  2. Account Maintenance Certificate issued by the Bank.

  3. Last 3 Month Salary Slips.

  4. Company Letter Head for Visa Request Letter.

  5. No Objection Certificate for Government Employees.

for Businessman:

  1. Last 3 month Original Bank Statement with minimum closing balance of 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 either personal or business.

  2. Account Maintenance Certificate issued by the Bank.

  3. NTN (National Tax Number) issued by FBR with Last two years Tax Returns.

  4. Company Letter Head for Visa Request Letter.

  5. Chamber of Commerce Membership (if any)

for Students:

  1. Student ID Card Copy.

  2. Leave sanction letter issued by school/college/university on letter head.

for Retired:

  1. Copy of Retirement order / relieving letter.

  2. Copy of Discharge Book.

  3. Copy of Pension Book (if any)

  4. Last 3 Pension slips.

Additional Required Documents:

  1. CNIC Copy

  2. Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

  3. Hotel Booking

  4. Flight Booking

  5. Appointment Copy & Fee Payment Slip.

  6. Covering Letter.

All of the above documents will be attached Online with the form.

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Terms & Conditions

Please Note:

  1. We only process visa & We do not guarantee any Visa.

  2. Visa Processing Time 15 to 20 Days.

  3. Visa Fee & Service Charges are NON REFUNDABLE.

  4. We Do Not Deal on DONE BASIS.

  5. We Do Not Deal without DOCUMENTS.

  6. Visa Fee & Service Charges are PKR 40,000.

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I must say their customer service has exceeded my expectations. The staff is friendly, helpful and extremely well-organised. From application of visa to my return flight, Mr Ali was directly in contact at all times to update me with the travel details.
The biggest plus point is, “They delivered what they promised, with reasonable rates.”
Nadia Nurgus,

Social Worker

i would like to say a massive thank you to Mr.Ali and Miss Hania who went above and beyond to help me. it is extremely gratifying to discover at long last an agency that truly understand the meaning of services.thank you again miss Hania and Mr Ali for your help in stressful circumstances.
i totally recommend “travel globe” an agency.
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Highly recommended company for travelling abroad. Mr Ali is a thorough gentlemen and highly professional. I am highly impressed with their way of dealing .I must recommend to use their services and deal with Travel Globe
Thanks Ali Bhai